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What is Qccrypt ?

Qccrypt is a cross-plateform frontend for ccrypt software.
It has been developed under the terms of the GPL license v2 and after, using QT4 (until Qccrypt 0.4.0) or QT5 (from Qccrypt 0.5.0) libraries.


Qccrypt is developped and maintained by Philippe Beaureilles

webmaster (2017-01-25 13:11:26) :

After about 6 months since the last version, Qccrypt 0.8.0 is out!

The main improvement is the possiblity to show/hide the password you entered (useful to avoid mistakes!) and the possibility to remember the password or key file you entered until the application is closed.

Other improvements and corrections are detailed in the "Changelog" section.


webmaster (2016-07-13 15:36:11) :

Qccrypt 0.7.0 is out!

As requested by a Qccrypt user, I changed the dialog for entering password: you now have the choice between entering a password manually (like before) or selecting a key file.
I also added information about ccrypt version in the "About" dialog, and the configuration of checkboxes' state is now saved.
Finally I fixed a bug: the decryption of a file was not working when the "Keep existing file (less secure)" checkbox was checked.

webmaster (2015-02-16 09:54:02) :

a new version of Qccrypt is out! Enjoy!

- Added a check box to enable/diasable a "Stay On Top" feature (enabled by default). This can be useful when using the drag & drop functionality.
- Improved the "About" dialog:
    - Added information about the Qt version used to compile Qccrypt.
    - Added information about the current Qt version used to run Qccrypt.
    - Added a link to the official Qccrypt web site
    - Added a new contributor (Asen Anastassov)
    - Added the Qccrypt's icon
- Improved the decryption process: if the decryption process returns an error due to a bad password, Qccrypt asks for re-entering the password.
- Added a small report at the end of encryption/decryption process to inform about what worked, what failed and what was ignored.

webmaster (2014-10-23 16:46:42) :
A new version of Qccrypt is out: Qccrypt 0.5.0!
This is the first version compatible with QT5 (all future versions of Qccrypt will be only compatible with QT5).

Note that QT5 libraries needed to run the application are bigger than QT4 ones. That's why the Win32 portable version and the MSI package are bigger than on previous versions.

Note also that I now use the Free and Open Source Wix Toolset ( to build the MSI package, instead of InstallShield 2013. So, I'm not dependent anymore of my employer's work computer on which the InstallShield 2013 license was installed.


webmaster (2014-06-23 15:25:10) :
Added a link to download a portable version of Qccrypt 0.4 for Windows. It may be usefull if you do not want to install the application or if you do not have rights to install applications on your PC due to policy restrictions (case in most companies).

webmaster (2014-04-08 11:27:51) :
A new release of Qccrypt is out: Qccrypt 0.4!

It is now possible to drag-and-drop a file or a folder from a file explorer. I also added the opportunity to not encrypt already-encrypted files during folder encryption.


webmaster (2014-04-03 10:24:59) :
After almost 4 years of inactivity around Qccrypt, a new minor version of Qccrypt is out: Qccrypt 0.3.1. This version only brings a new homemade logo/icon in several sizes. The website has also integrated this new logo.

You will also find Debian packages (tested successfully on Debian 7.1, 7.4 and Kubuntu 13.10) and a new Windows Installer package.

As soon as I can, I will work on the possibility to drag and drop files/folders into Qccrypt from a file explorer, and add the opportunity to not encrypt already encrypted files during folder encryption.

webmaster (2011-06-15 14:47:22) :
After 4 years of inactivity around Qccrypt, a new version of Qccrypt is out: Qccrypt 0.3. It brings several modifications in the interface.
This version is available in the download section.
See changelog for more details.

As soon I will have enough time, I will work on a new version that will add the opportunity to not encrypt already encrypted files during folder encryption.

webmaster (2007-01-26 11:27:38) :
Qccrypt 0.2 final release is available in the download section !
See changelog for more details.

webmaster (2006-12-23 16:47:00) :
Qccrypt 0.2 Release Candidate 2 is available in the download section for tests !
The 3 major improvements are (see changelog for more details) :
- New enter password dialog for encryption process : the password must be confirmed.
- Possibility to encrypt/decrypt a folder recursively.
- Possibility to keep the original file to encrypt/decrypt.
Please, use the forum to inform me of any bug.

webmaster (2006-08-31 21:17:32) :
Qccrypt 0.1.2 binary available now !

webmaster (2006-08-31 14:06:42) :
Version 0.1.2 is out ! See change log section to find changes.
Linux binary is not currently available but you can compile the source code to obtain it !

webmaster (2006-08-29 10:40:51) :
Version 0.1.1 is out ! See change log section to find changes.

webmaster (2006-08-25 22:10:09) :
Add Linux version screenshots.

webmaster (2006-08-24 22:32:55) :
All the site is available !
Enjoy !

webmaster (2006-08-22 16:08:36) :
Site available !
It's not finished, but you can download the source code and Windows binary, view screenshots and change log.

webmaster (2006-08-20 14:15:22) :
Site under construction ...

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