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Change log

Version 0.8.0

- Improved the dialog that prompts for a password or a key file:
    - New "Show password" checkbox that allows you show/hide the password you entered.
    - New "Remember password for this session" checkbox that allows you to re-use the password you entered, until the application is closed.
    - New "Remember key file for this session" checkbox that allows you to re-use the key file you chose, until the application is closed.
    - The configuration of checkboxes in this dialog is saved using the QSettings Qt5 class.
- Fixed the last log entry of a file encryption/decryption process: the text begins now with "End of task:..." rather than "Start of task:...".
- Fixed the behavior of encryption/decryption buttons.

Version 0.7.0

- Changed the dialog for entering password: you now have the choice between entering a password manually (like before) or selecting a key file (requested by a Qccrypt user).
- Improved the "About" dialog: added information about the ccrypt version found (I run ccrypt with the -V argument and I display the StdOut).
- The configuration (checkboxes) is now saved using the QSettings Qt5 class.
- Fixed a bug: the decryption of a file was not working when the "Keep existing file (less secure)" checkbox was checked.

Version 0.6.0

- Added a check box to enable/diasable a "Stay On Top" feature (enabled by default). This can be useful when using the drag & drop functionality.
- Improved the "About" dialog:
    - Added information about the Qt version used to compile Qccrypt.
    - Added information about the current Qt version used to run Qccrypt.
    - Added a link to the official Qccrypt web site
    - Added a new contributor (Asen Anastassov)
    - Added the Qccrypt's icon
- Improved the decryption process: if the decryption process returns an error due to a bad password, Qccrypt asks for re-entering the password.
- Added a small report at the end of encryption/decryption process to inform about what worked, what failed and what was ignored.

Version 0.5.0

- First version compatible with QT5! All future versions of Qccrypt will be only compatible with QT5.

Version 0.4.0

- Added Drag & Drop functionalities (only one file or folder at the time). Tested successfully on Windows 7 and KDE4 (from Dolphin to Qccrypt).
   When you drag and drop a file, it checks the file extension to determine if you wish to decrypt (extension = .cpt) or encrypt it.
   When you drag and drop a folder, Qccrypt asks you if you wish to encrypt or decrypt this folder. You can also cancel the operation.
- Added an option for the folder encryption: it is now possible to not encrypt already encrypted files (enabled by default).

Version 0.3.1

- Changed the application logo/icon with a home made drawing in several sizes.

Version 0.3.0

- Added a progress bar.
- Added a result window.
- Changed folder encryption/decryption process: now, Qccrypt scans all files and encrypt/decrypt each one, instead of using the ccrypt recursive encryption parameter (-r). As each operation is displayed in the result window, it's now easier to identify encryption/decryption error.

Version 0.2.0

Same functionnalities than version 0.2 release candidate 2 plus:
During the encryption/decryption process, the mouse cursor takes the appearance of the sand glass.

Version 0.2.0 Release Candidate 2

- Encryption process: new enter password dialog box: now, you have to confirm your password to proceed encryption.
- Encryption/Decryption process of a file: You can now specify to keep the existing original file, instead of the default ccrypt behaviour that consists to replace the orginal file by the encrypted or decrypted one. But this method is less secured !
- Encryption/Decryption process: you can now encrypt/decrypt a folder recursively. Each file contained in the folder will be encrypted/decrypted with the password specified, so when you decrypt the folder, if one of its files has been encrypted with a different password that the one you entered, Qccrypt will return a warning message.
- Miscellaneous: optimization of code, correction of bugs (Thanks to Sebastian Linken for his contribution).
- Compilation: You now need at least QT 4.2.1 libraries to compile this version, because I use some new functionalities of them.

Version 0.1.2

- Encryption process: if the target file name of a file to encrypt already exists, the program asks you if you want to overwrite it or not.
- Decryption process: if the target file name of a file to decrypt already exists, the program asks you if you want to overwrite it or not.
- The icon of Qccrypt now appears correctly at the top left corner when the application is started.

Version 0.1.1

- When Qccrypt starts, it checks if ccrypt tool is installed or not. If not, the program ends with return code 1.

Version 0.1.0
(first available version: 2006-08-22)

- Encryption tab: select a file (with a browse button), and encrypt it by clicking on the "Encrypt File" button. Only one password is asked (no confirmation).
- Decryption tab: select a file (with a browse button), and decrypt it by clicking on the "Decrypt File" button. The password for the encrypted file is asked, and if it's wrong, Qccrypt tells it.
- Possibility to specify the file to encrypt/decrypt on the command line. If the file extension is ".cpt" Qccrypt opens it on the decryption tab, otherwise it opens it on the encryption tab. If the file does not exists, Qccrypt tells it.
- Qccrypt does not verify if "ccrypt" is installed (for a later version).

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